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Astronomy is a wonderful hobby.  With today's Telescopes, Mounts, CCDs, and DSLRs the night sky has never been so thoroughly imaged by amateurs.  Astronomy software helps astronomers with todays's computerized mounts and CCD cameras to capture and process images into spectacular astronomical images.

This website contains software written by the authors initially for personal use.  Because of the usefulness of these programs (in our opinion), they are now being offered as Shareware or Freeware.  You are welcome to download and use these programs.  If you like the Freeware programs, we would ask you to consider a nominal contribution.  The Shareware program(s) are 60 day demos of the full software verison.  A nominal fee will remove the demo with the full verison.

In addition to software, additional services are provided.  The first is process or workflows download for astronomical CCD imaging and processing.  The second is custom machining (Milling, Drilling, Counter Boring, Threading, and Fabrication.  Sorry no ability for turning at this time.)  These services can be found on the Other page. 

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